Saturday, January 16, 2010

When in SoHo

I recently took a walk around broadway in Soho, and aside from the stores I adore such as H&M, Topshop, and American Apparel. I realized their clothing was still not cheap. So I ventured and found this store called Necessary Clothing, When you walk in you are in la la land...all the latest fashions for a fraction of a price! They ad sequin leggings, bustier dresses, nautical mini's, platform booties, I could go on and on! The prices were pretty decent. If we had to go by dollar signs from $-$$$$. It would be $. Prices vary from 9.99-45, might be a little more for coats. My only object--the salespeople are assholes, if you are like me imagine just slapping them in your head. But if your ever around that area check it out.

Keep in mind ladies--we ALL know cheaper priced clothes arent as lasting as more expensive ones, but it still pays to look hot even for a month


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