Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Abandoned fashion

Last summer out of boredom I took a trip to the NJ shore and found my self stumbling through Red Bank's town center. I was amazed. Being raised in NYC I always enjoyed the upscale retail stores and little unique boutiques along with outdoor cafes and returants and this place had it all. As much as I was attemped to stop and walk up and down the block, I had to pass. It was very hot out that day and my daughter was only 3 months old and sleeping in the backseat.
When I was home I bragged out that place to my husband and how we should spent a day there just browsing around. Given how busy we both were it was not until yesterday when I finally returned and I have to say it summed up to one word...DISAPPOINTMENT.
I was just not expecting what I saw, granted..it was still a pretty block but all I saw was hundreds of empty retail spaces, commerical buildings, and a awful lot of boring places. I kept saying to my husband "It changed so much in 11 months".
There used to be a huge Coach store, D&G, and cute little boutiques...all gone with the last of it hanging on hoping for sales. ..what a shame

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