Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flirt with a new concept of cool

By Malene Birger spring/summer 2009 is mixed of 50’s styled voluminous, high waisted pleated skirts and contoured couture lines such as corsette like belts and bondage boots in contrast to sleek 70’s dresses and florescent swimwear separates. The designer's motto for 2009 is "the pleasure principle".
"The pleasure principle"
Sexy pencil skirts, dresses (fall above or right below the knee) and shirts with drapery, pleats, or gathered at the shoulders in the natural tones sand, bamboo, cream white, bright white, brown and black; accentuated by Neon in coral and vivid yellow.
Alongside you will find bright pastel colours, such as soft coral, bright lilac lavender, deep purple orchid, cool poolside green, mustard yellow and turquoise aquatic.

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