Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Why are you wearing a diaper?" These are harem pants!

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Ah Harem pants. Back when MC Hammer was popular and even then it was a terrible trend.  I always hear how leggings are a awful trend and distasteful. I happen to HIGHLY disagree about that. YES we shouldnt wear them as much as Lindsey Lohan or Nicole Richie. But if you do have the right body type (not meaning be super thin) then I say leggings are great! Harem pants ummmmm not so much. At least not for every one or anyone.

Spandex leggings can be form flattering and with the right top it is awfully cute! Harem pants--your tush disappears or worse sags to your knees. OH the only thing that looks perticularly thin is your ankles. So ladies--you WANT to make your thighs 5X bigger then they are and your tush look saggier then it is??! I have to confess as a Vintage seller I have sold Harem pants--but it doesnt mean I like them! Even my super thin and pretty model cannot pull them off. UGLY FUGLY pants!

I am sorry but this trend needs to expire and soon. You show up on a date in those clown pants I can ensure you, you wont make it past the first sip of your drink.

Dont be trashy

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