Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why should you buy from chictree Vintage?

At Chictree we are always looking for the next best thing. We also offer a search and find for you. How this works? We research thoroughly for a genuine piece of clothing you want and update you with our progress. We follow all the latest trends to a T! We belong to many affiliate groups and we try to give updates as often as we can with what is coming to the shop.

We offer great discounts in shipping and have changed our policies effective June 2009 to offer the lowest and fastest shipping possible.

Emails || All emails are answered under 24 hours and we answer whatever questions you might have. Remember there are no stupid questions!

Care of items || We have all items professionally hemmed and cleaned. If for any reason there is any imperfection, we will make sure we note that in the listing. Please remember-- we go through over 200+ items a week, if we miss a hole or stain upon the listing please just contact us.

We accept returns-- If you are not happy with our product. Simply return it within 14 days upon arrival.

As far as our customer service goes--we are a fairly new vintage store compared to our competitors. We do our very best to keep each and every one of you happy and we ask to submit concerns or requests to us to keep increasing our customer satisfaction.

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