Saturday, May 30, 2009

The space age fashion era

Growing up I watched the Jetsons and even in the 80's the Jetsons seemed like the future SO far far away.
Maybe not as far away as I thought. Nevermind flying cars (we are JUST starting to care about the enviroment).
Instead of hydrogen fueled cars--we'll stick with more gas for MPG. We dont even have 100% solar powered lights.

But clothes? They seem to be a little ahead on what the future is supposed to be like.
Loads of fabric and serious puff sleeves with assymetrical shapes and silver, gold fabric.
Not to mention shoes that are equally futuristic.
I love fashion, but if designers are going to go all out on the space path I suggest keeping it less bulky.
Lady Gaga made her entier career and more applause for her, but its def not for the every day woman

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